Volunteer in Bangladesh

Volunteer Requirements

Individuals, couples, students, and groups are invited to volunteer in Bangladesh. The minimum age requirement is 18; additionally, a good command of English is required. Volunteers from all countries and backgrounds are welcome to participate and can make a huge contribution and lasting impact. Whilst teaching experience is advantageous, it is not a prerequisite for this program. Initiative and self-motivation are necessary attributes.

Start & Duration

Volunteers in Bangladesh can begin their placement on any day of the year, although weekend arrivals are preferred so that volunteering can begin on a Monday.

Food and Accommodation

Volunteers will be accommodated within the school building (where the program director also lives). A volunteer dorm style room is provided above the school house, and depending on whether one’s stay coincides with other volunteers, it may be necessary to share the room. Living within the slum area allows volunteers to be immersed in the community and experience life first-hand. Being located at the school also means that there is no need for transport to/from your project site. Wifi is available throughout the school building. The accommodation includes a kitchen where volunteers can arrange their own breakfast and dinner. They will be shown where to buy groceries in order to prepare their own meals. During the working week, lunch can be enjoyed at the school, along with the students. Lunch usually consists on Dal & Rice with Chicken, Fish, Egg or Vegetables depending on the day of the week.

NOTE: During busier times, volunteers may be accommodated in a local hostel, which is close to the school. Volunteers will be accompanied on the rickshaw journey to and from the project site by a local team member. Wifi, A/C, daily breakfast, lunch on workdays and transport are all included.

A typical week

On the teaching program in Bangladesh the school days are Sunday - Thursday. School hours are 8am - 3pm for the students, and teachers generally finish work at 4pm.

Weekdays: Volunteers can expect to rise at about 7am and have breakfast at their accommodation. Volunteers will spend the day at the school where they will be provided lunch. In the evening, volunteers in Bangladesh are free to see the local sites, visit restaurants and cafes, and meet the locals.

Weekends: Friday and Saturday are the primary day off in Bangladesh. Volunteers can use these free days to explore Dhaka. Gulshan is a nice areas approximately 15 minutes away and offers supermarkets, shopping centres, restaurants and cafes. Lalbagh Fort, Baldha Garden, Sonargaon, and Sundarbans National Park which is a UNESCO Heritage Site are other popular places to visit during the weekend.

Cost Breakdown

Program fees are a necessary part of volunteering abroad. They help to cover costs associated with your stay, as well as supporting the local organization and projects. Below is an approximate cost breakdown to show you how your program fees are used when you choose to join a volunteer program in Bangladesh.

Volunteer in Albania - Cost Breakdown

NOTE: The above graph is intended to be used as a guide only. Actual cost allocations may vary slightly depending on the program selected and the length of stay. 

About the Country

Bangladesh is a country in South Asia, bordering the Bay of Bengal to the South, India to the West and North, and Myanmar to the Southeast. Although Bangladesh emerged as an independent country only in 1971, its history stretches back thousands of years and it has long been known as a crossroads of history and culture.

Volunteer in Bangladesh - MapHere you will have the opportunity to discover temples, wildlife, forests, and infinite beaches. Bangladesh is a large and densely populated country, yet one of Bangladesh's greatest treasures are its people; the country is packed with friendly, honest, and amiable locals, and you are almost certain to receive a warm welcome everywhere you go.

Dhaka is the thriving, colourful and congested capital of Bangladesh. It is home to some 15 million people, so experiencing the chaos of the city for the first time can often seem overwhelming. However, you will be spellbound by the pink baroque palace, enthralled by the Lalbagh Fort, the National Museum, the Hussain Dalan Mosque and the multitude of rickshaws of all kinds that weave their way through the town.

The natural beauty of Bangladesh can also be explored away from the hustle and bustle of Dhaka. There are almost as many kilometres of rivers in Bangladesh as there are roads, and traveling by boat is a way of life here. This provides a fabulous opportunity to see the country from a more unusual angle. Although this is one of the world’s most densely populated countries, once you’re sitting on a small wooden rowboat, floating slowing down a country river, it’s easy to imagine you have it all to yourself.

Bangladesh is a country with lots of places to visit, many of which offer unforgettable experiences but remain relatively unknown to the rest of the world. If you enjoy making friends, mixing with the locals and having the opportunity to travel around a country without bumping into too many other foreign faces, then Bangladesh is probably just the place you’ve been looking for.


Volunteers are greeted on arrival at the airport and the following day an orientation is provided to introduce the program, the local destination, as well as some of the history, culture and traditions of Bangladesh. The local team can help volunteers to exchange or withdraw money, and to buy a local sim card or any other essential they may require.