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Love Volunteers has united with a local NGO to offer volunteer placements in Albania. Volunteering in Albania means stepping into the breach to make a small contribution to the fight against poverty and discrimination in one of Europe’s poorest countries. Volunteers in Albania predominantly work with children and by doing so they are directly contributing to these youngsters’ education. It is hugely rewarding when volunteers get to see perceptible advances being made in the progress of the individual children he or she deals with.

Albania is a mountainous country with an extensive stretch of Adriatic coastline. Its people, having emerged from Communist control in the 1990s, have had difficult economic conditions to endure. Members of Albania’s ‘Romani’ community are particularly hard hit by poverty, low literacy levels as well as suffering considerable discrimination.

Volunteering in Albania amounts to that rarely experienced thing, immersion in another people’s culture while at the same time carrying out a genuinely needed service. Reasons for choosing to volunteer in Albania, rather than simply travel or obtain temporary paid work closer to home include seeing an extraordinarily beautiful country, experiencing the warm hospitality for which that country is famed, and receiving the rare satisfaction of directly enhancing the quality of life of individuals.


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