Volunteer in Honduras

Volunteer Programs in Honduras

Working in close partnership with our team in the Central American country of Honduras, we are delighted to offer a range of programs for volunteers in the spheres of community-based educational enrichment and well-being.  Programs in Honduras are based in the seaside town of El Porvenir, in the north coast Atlántida region of Honduras. These placements provide the chance to live in a vibrant and friendly Caribbean town. 

With the goal of providing children with greater life opportunities through access to education and essential life skills the programs in El Porvenir rely on a dedicated team of local and international volunteers working together. Here in particular volunteers really get to immerse themselves in the community and culture. These are ideal placements for individuals with some background in the caring professions. Anyone with the willingness to throw themselves into directly helping members of the local community can enrol, whether as a replacement for a more conventional holiday, as part of a gap year or sabbatical or to broaden professional experience. 

As with most Central American nations, Honduras presents the newcomer with challenges as well as rewards. Political problems and poverty mean that this rapidly changing country is troubled in part. Children from disadvantaged homes, youngsters with learning difficulties, sufferers from HIV and casualties of poverty in general form the groups in need, and helping them is what volunteering is about.


1 programs
  • El Porvenir, Honduras
  • from 2 weeks
  • Volunteer House
  • from USD 339
  • Airport Pick Up Not Included
  • 18+

This amazing project was created in 2010 with the goal of improving the wellbeing and access to education for impoverished children in the seaside town of El Porvenir. In addition to exposing students to English, volunteers work alongside local interns to provide a broad educational base and essential life skills to the children.  

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