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Volunteer Programs in Portugal


Working in close partnership with an experienced local team in the stunning European destination of Portugal, we are excited to offer volunteer programs in the coastal cities of Lisbon and Porto.  Programs focus on the key areas of Youth Support, Homelessness, Food Waste, Marine Conservation, Agriculture and Wolf Conservation. Volunteers with a genuine interest and willingness to help are welcomed and on-site training will be provided so no prior experience is necessary. Volunteers will work alongside local staff and fellow volunteers on worthwhile, targeted programs to provide the most benefit. 

Portugal is one of the oldest European nations and enjoyed a period of vast wealth and global power as a colonial empire during the 15th and 16th centuries. Unfortunately investment in the domestic economy was lacking and, combined with low productivity, Portugal today has high rates of inequality, marganization and poverty, particularly among the young.  Volunteering in this European Union country offers a wonderfully rewarding opportunity, whether as part of a European trip, to fill a career or study gap, as an alternative to a conventional holiday, to broaden perspectives, gain experience or simply to give back. 

This destination, on the popular Iberian Peninsula, bordered by Spain and the Atlantic Ocean, offers much to enchant the visitor. Captivating architecture from medieval to modern, quaint villages and ancient sites all tell a story. Combine this with idyllic beaches, dramatic scenery and simple, delicious fare from coast and countryside and you have the perfect place in which to spend time!


2 programs
  • Lisbon, Portugal
  • from 1 week
  • Public Hostel
  • from USD 729
  • Airport Pick Up Included
  • 17+

OPEN NOW for EU, Schengen and UK citizens.

Volunteer in Portugal on this wide-reaching and innovative project focused on sustainable, inclusive agriculture that brings the 'buy local' initiative to life!

In Portugal, as with the rest of the world, the importance of producing and consuming …

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  • Mafra, Portugal
  • from 2 weeks
  • Volunteer House
  • from USD 859
  • Airport Pick Up Included

OPEN NOW for EU, Schengen and the UK citizens.

Volunteer in a Wolf Sanctuary in Portugal to protect the native Iberian wolf species, Canis lupus signatus, and assist in the conservation of this iconic predator.…

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