“I wouldn't change a thing and do it all over again. ”

General Impression

Overall Rating:    10 / 10

Overall - the trip was amazing! I wouldn't change a thing and do it all over again.


This was my first trip to Mexico and it exceeded my expectations. The area of Oaxaca was safe and I was able to walk to places by myself (especially as a solo female traveller). The culture is rich and the food speaks for itself.

Project & Staff

The project was exactly what it stated and the staff were exceptional. I did not feel overwhelmed as their were other volunteers from a different areas there to volunteer. The staff spoke English as well, so I did not feel that communication was difficult.


Planning things ahead of time and communicating with family members and close friends on a daily basis and well as send detailed plans and documents helped eased their worry (I told my family as long as I text and/or call atleast once a day - know that I am okay - which seemed to work).
Also - packing a portable charger came in handy several times. Sometimes - the outlets overseas may not week or may not be accessible - I never felt that I had to rush home or let my phone die because I had one on me. Having my iPhone has been a life saver from taking photos and communicating back home, to using