“The experience has been so moving!”

General Impression

Overall Rating:    10 / 10

Arriving in Mombasa was quite the experience apart from America. I had certain expectations that were graciously met. This was my first time traveling to Africa and given lots of talk it had made me quite nervous. At the airport, I met Edward (the local coordinator) right away and he brought me back to his very sweet family. The next day we were able to visit numerous attractions of Mombasa and the atmosphere began growing on me quickly. I soon began realizing Kenya was not like the talk I had been hearing back home. The people were very friendly, the food was unique, and the culture was rich.

The following day we visited Barnabas, where the children reside. The children were amazing; very well-mannered and super excited to introduce themselves. My first day we had a small math lesson before breaking for lunch. During some of our free time, we ventured to the beach and went on long walks throughout local areas. Although my time was rather short, the kids made an unimaginable impact on my life. The experience has been so moving.

Aside from Barnabas, Edward brought me to various sites where I was able to see more of the Kenyan culture. We visited a mental institution in Mtwapa, the slum of Mombasa, and Diani Beach in the South Coast. It was so much to take in during such a short period of time, but the greatest experience. Overall the trip was fantastic, I would highly recommend the amazing time any future volunteer would potentially take in Kenya. Remember to always keep an open-mind and most importantly enjoy your time!