“Education Support”

General Impression

Overall Rating:    10 / 10

This trip and the entire experience was life changing for the better and will forever remain close to my heart. The assistance that I received from my consultant at Love Volunteers, Karen, was impeccable. Karen was kind, quick to respond, and completely open and welcoming to any questions. The hosts in Mombasa, Pendo and Edward, were friendly and helpful. I spent more time with Pendo and truly love her! She provided great advice and assistance and it was really enjoyable to stay at her home and interact with her. I learned about the best Kenyan Drama T.V. Shows! :)


Kenyans are so warm and welcoming and immediate make you feel like family. The people have so much heart and personality. Mombasa is a vibrant city and I never felt unsafe. Of course, being a Westerner, there is some unwanted attention and request for money is common, but it was never frightening or threatening. And this was mostly just from the vendors on the street. Travellers just need to take the ordinary precaution. I truly love the country and the people and felt so connected it. Leaving was very sad and I miss Kenya already!

Project & Staff

See above in General Impressions. No complaints. All extremely positive.


If you are bringing your phone from home, first make sure your provider/country has unlocked your SIM card. Don't bring nice clothing - you will get muddy! :)