“this was my first time experiencing it!”

General Impression

Overall Rating:    10 / 10

Honestly, I had never volunteered before and this was my first time experiencing it. Naturally I had my fears and doubts but, I was really looking forward to meeting the local team and the students at the school. Ultimately, from the moment I arrived in Kathmandu, I was surprised by the friendliness of not only the Director but, also the airport securities and staff. When I had arrived at the volunteer house I was instantly welcomed by other volunteers and became friends with them. Meeting people from China, Belgium and other parts of the globe, showed me our similar interests of volunteering and connecting through it. Contrary to my belief, I wasn't only teaching students language, speaking, respect and community. They were teaching me also. If I hadn't learned, this journey would've been in vain. But, this trip was an experience and lesson for me too. From the polluted weather of Kathmandu to the kindness of the Nepali people. I loved every bitter and sweet moment from this journey. I would like to thank the local team and also, LV team for giving these chances for volunteers to help the less fortunate people around the world.
I hope more people get attracted to volunteering and put themselves in different culture, atmosphere, people and allow them to experience it all.