“friendly, developing, harsh and inspiring”

General Impression

Overall Rating:    9 / 10

I have just returned from two-weeks in Nepal and my impressions are all positive.
I have undertaken a placement that has affected me greatly on a number of levels and I am aware that on occasions I was part of things that left me feeling very humbled and honoured to have been a witness to what happened (if that makes sense).
I have returned being much more aware of how fortunate I am and I have every intention of returning nest year (to the same placement).
I would say that, without a doubt, it has made me a better person and I am so pleased that I went and experienced the things that I did.


The words that spring to mind when considering this question are friendly, developing, harsh and inspiring. I am not sure that I can add to that at this moment in time!

Project & Staff

Very welcoming and helpful and I am in genuinely in awe of the work they do and the manner in which they undertake it.


Go for longer than two weeks - I will next time!
Be prepared to 'throw yourself in at the deep end' and just do it!
Be non-judgemental and open minded
Take two lap tops (the children kept wanting to watch a film on YouTube - which on occasions was completely appropriate and the staff were fine with this - but it left me with no lap top, and I was surprised as to how I struggled with this!!! (this comment is - obviously - said tongue in cheek!)
Try and learn some of the language before you go - I really wish I had!