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Volunteer in Europe with Love Volunteers and experience the rich culture and history of this region. Get beyond the tourist track on our European volunteer programs and receive the warm welcome of local communities. Specialising in affordable short-term volunteer placements in Europe Love Volunteers ensures every contribution of time and effort is worthwhile.

Love Volunteers offers safe and responsible volunteering in Portugal, Spain, Croatia, Bosnia, Moldova and Albania with the support of dedicated and experienced local teams. With you every step of the way Love Volunteers focus on providing the best possible volunteer experience Europe has to offer and the best possible outcome for local communities.


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Love Volunteers, in tandem with its partner NGO in Moldova, is looking for volunteers for this small, picturesque, but very poor country. Volunteering in Moldova is a great prospect for those interested in Eastern Europe and who’d like to help the people of a country which, having enjoyed peace for several years now, suffered a civil war during the 1990s and has a reputation not just as one of Europe’s poorest countries but also as one of its friendliest.

Volunteering attracts people of all backgrounds and belonging to all age groups. Besides giving the volunteer a fresh outlook on life, increased self-confidence and problem-solving skills, it also provides a boost to one’s CV. For some a stint spent volunteering forms a perfect break between jobs or during a change of career direction.

The rewards of volunteering include the satisfaction that comes from making a daily impact on the lives of individuals affected by limited economic, educational and health prospects. Volunteering brings you into contact with people eager to introduce you to their world, its customs and its outlook on life. In Moldova, the volunteer placements consist mainly of working in a secondary school teaching conversational English. You will find Moldovan students enthusiastic to learn about life beyond their own borders. By virtually becoming one of the locals, volunteers make many new friends.

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The Bosnian War of 1992-95 which ripped apart the former Yugoslavia brought with it violence and devastation of unprecedented scale. This ethnically rooted war left in its wake great division between the people of this once united region long after the guns were lowered. Two decades later the remnants of racial hated still divide the people of the region who teeter on the edge of social and political instability.

Through our wonderful partner organization in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Love Volunteers aims to support local and international efforts to put an end to the racial segregation by removing the inherited prejudice of the regions next generation – its children.

Brcko, where our Bosnian projects are based, is the central town of Brcko District, an area in the North-East of Bosnia that acts as a crossroads between the Bosnian Muslim-Croat Federation, the Bosnian Serb Republic, and Croatia. In March 1999, the district was awarded special multi-ethnic status as the "Brčko District of Bosnia and Herzegovina", and given the freedom to operate on a self-governing basis, making Brcko the only officially recognized ‘multi-ethnic’ state in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Because of this special status, Brcko has the opportunity to act as a model for a successful, multi-ethnic Bosnia. Together we seek to work with young people from all ethnicities in the area, in the hopes of making this possibility a reality.

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Love Volunteers has united with a local NGO to offer volunteer placements in Albania. Volunteering in Albania means stepping into the breach to make a small contribution to the fight against poverty and discrimination in one of Europe’s poorest countries. Volunteers in Albania predominantly work with children and by doing so they are directly contributing to these youngsters’ education. It is hugely rewarding when volunteers get to see perceptible advances being made in the progress of the individual children he or she deals with.

Albania is a mountainous country with an extensive stretch of Adriatic coastline. Its people, having emerged from Communist control in the 1990s, have had difficult economic conditions to endure. Members of Albania’s ‘Romani’ community are particularly hard hit by poverty, low literacy levels as well as suffering considerable discrimination.

Volunteering in Albania amounts to that rarely experienced thing, immersion in another people’s culture while at the same time carrying out a genuinely needed service. Reasons for choosing to volunteer in Albania, rather than simply travel or obtain temporary paid work closer to home include seeing an extraordinarily beautiful country, experiencing the warm hospitality for which that country is famed, and receiving the rare satisfaction of directly enhancing the quality of life of individuals.

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Our programs in Ukraine are unfortunately on hold at present.

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Working in close partnership with an experienced local team in the stunning European destination of Portugal, we are excited to offer volunteer programs in the coastal cities of Lisbon and Porto. Programs focus on the key areas of Community, Youth and Disabled Support, Marine and Environmental Conservation and Animal Welfare. Volunteers with a genuine interest and willingness to help are welcomed and on-site training will be provided so no prior experience is necessary. Volunteers will work alongside local staff and fellow volunteers on worthwhile, targeted programs to provide the most benefit. 

Portugal is one of the oldest European nations and enjoyed a period of vast wealth and global power as a colonial empire during the 15th and 16th centuries. Unfortunately investment in the domestic economy was lacking and, combined with low productivity, Portugal today has high rates of inequality, marganization and poverty, particularly among the young.  Volunteering in this European Union country offers a wonderfully rewarding opportunity, whether as part of a European trip, to fill a career or study gap, as an alternative to a conventional holiday, to broaden perspectives, gain experience or simply to give back. 

This destination, on the popular Iberian Peninsula, bordered by Spain and the Atlantic Ocean, offers much to enchant the visitor. Captivating architecture from medieval to modern, quaint villages and ancient sites all tell a story. Combine this with idyllic beaches, dramatic scenery and simple, delicious fare from coast and countryside and you have the perfect place in which to spend time!

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Love Volunteers has partnered with a fantastic NGO to support programs in the famed city of Barcelona, Spain. Volunteers can choose from programs across diverse fields, including Marine Conservation, Animal Care, Youth Support, Disabilities Support and Teaching. Volunteers work alongside local staff and fellow volunteers on worthwhile, focused programs. No prior experience is required as on-site training and support are provided. A genuine willingness to help and a can-do attitude are all we ask! 

Centuries of civilisation have left a rich history, punctuated by world-renowned creative genius in the form of Salvador Dalí, Pablo Picasso and Antoni Gaudí. Equally revered the world over is Spanish cuisine and visitors flock to the country year round for its fabulous festivals and Mediterranean beaches.  Second only in the EU to France in size, Spain covers an enormous tract of land that is fascinatingly diverse in terms of geology, culture and climate. A treasure trove of adventure and discovery with the convenience of travel within the European Union.  

In spite of its cultured and sophisticated modern appearances, Spain's underbelly reveals high youth unemployment, substandard education and a large informal or black-market economy, contributing to high crime rates and income inequality. Volunteering in Spain offers participants a unique insight into the beautiful depths of this stunning destination; a chance to see beyond the veneer and actually contribute to this incredible country's future.  A richly rewarding opportunity, whether as part of a European trip, to fill a career or study gap, as an alternative to a conventional holiday, to broaden perspectives, gain experience or simply to give back. 

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Partnering with a dedicated local team in the idyllic European destination of Croatia, Love Volunteers is proud to offer volunteer programs in the coastal city of Split. Programs focus on the important areas of Teaching, Youth Support, Special Needs, Creative Technologies, Animal Care and Marine Conservation. Volunteers of all ages and backgrounds are welcomed wih on-site training and support provided, so prior experience is not a pre-requisite. Volunteers contribute to well-run, focused programs to provide the most benefit.  

Croatia hugs the Adriatic coastline opposite Italy and is popular for its temperate climate, aquamarine waters and historic walled towns. Tourism is the mainstay of the economy and, having been decimated by the war of independence in the early 90s, has recovered its stride and provides essential income and employment to the local population. 

This enchanting destination offers volunteers a truly European experience: from discovering secluded pebble beaches; strolling through cobbled streets in the Old Town; enjoying the shade of ancient palaces and cathedrals; dining at seaside cafes or exploring the lakes, rivers and waterfalls of the Dinaric mountain range. This country will charm every visitor! Volunteers here support the forgotten populations and strive to protect Croatia's most valuable resources. Participants have the enviable opportunity of seeing through the eyes of a local in this fabulous EU location, receiving as much reward as they give. Volunteering in Croatia is perfect as part of a GAP year, a holiday with a difference, or a larger European trip. Gain the experience of a lifetime in Croatia with Love Volunteers! 

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