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Love Volunteers offers very rewarding placements in local orphanages in this fascinating country. Your presence will be hugely appreciated.

Whatever your background, age or education, there is a place for you as a volunteer. Many make the decision to volunteer during their vacations; some use volunteering to give their gap year a definite purpose before they commence their university education. For others, volunteering occupies a career break, giving the volunteer a new perspective on life. By choosing to make that contribution in Ukraine, you can experience a very different culture, developing bonds with children and colleagues, knowing that you are giving truly necessary help and support.

Volunteering in Ukraine is all about the mix of challenges and rewards. Economically disadvantaged, the orphanages depend hugely on the fund-raising efforts which help to provide much-needed supplies but they also rely on the vital contribution which volunteers make by playing, teaching and helping with every aspect of the children’s lives.

Lying in Eastern Europe, to the south west of Russia, this vast country’s southernmost edge borders the Black Sea. It also has borders with Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Romania, Belarus and Moldova. Ukraine has had independence since the collapse in 1991 of the Soviet Union.


1 programs
  • Cherkasy, Ukraine
  • from 1 week
  • Host Family
  • from USD 285
  • Airport Pick Up Included
  • 18+

The mission of this program is to care for the at-risk and impoverished children of Ukraine. There are more than 100,000 children in more than 140 childcare centers in Ukraine, and these facilities are often desperately underfunded and understaffed. Volunteers supply hands on care to the children, helping with their education, playing games and…

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