Volunteering projects

Love Volunteers work with a variety of different project types with NGOs in countries all over the world. Click on the links below to find out which countries you can do a particular type of project in.

  • Childcare and Orphanage

    You will be assisting in a carefully selected childcare centre that ensures children are well looked after and safe.

  • Community Development

    You will be helping locals to build projects that encourage community development and allow people to help themselves.

  • Construction and Outdoors

    Like the outdoors? These programs include gardening, building and maintenance - perfect for working alongside local adults.

  • Environmental and Conservation

    As countries develop the environment is often the biggest loser. Our programs educate locals about conservation.

  • Health and Medical

    Use your health experience to implement change and also understand how health care functions in different cultures.

  • Helping those with Disabilities

    People with disabilities are among the most vulnerable in developing countries. Our programs aim to bring joy to those who are often overlooked....

  • Specialized Placements

    These program allow volunteers to work is specialist fields like law, human rights, media, urban planning, architecture etc.

  • Sport, Arts and Music

    Due to a lack of resources arts and sports programs are often non-existent in developing countries.

  • Summer Programs

    Summer break is a great time to help out in a developing country. See what's available this summer!

  • Teaching and Education

    In many developing communities resources in schools are seriously lacking. Your efforts can make a huge difference.

  • Wildlife and Animals

    Human development can come at the expense of local wildlife. We educate locals about animal protection and care for wildlife.

  • Women's Empowerment

    Women's voices are often under-represented - our programs educate and empower to allow greater social freedom.