“Community Development”

General Impression

Overall Rating:    10 / 10

A wonderful experience. As a Love Volunteer I was always cared for and provided with everything I needed. Everyone was extremely friendly and earnest about their commitment to the program and to the children we worked with.


Bosnia & Herzegovina is an incredibly easy country to navigate. The majority of the population is very willing to help a passerby out and accommodate someone who has neglected to learn their language (like me). Things are incredibly cheap in Bosnia and you can find a lot of fairly specific ingredients in one store or another. If you're someone who's used to a lot of city bustle the sedate lifestyle here may surprise you. Thats not to say there's nothing to do here. It's easy to travel around the country on the bus systems and even visit Croatia or Serbia for the weekend, meaning a volunteer can have a lot of wonderful experiences here if they're willing to put themselves out there.

Project & Staff

As I said before everyone associated with the program seemed extremely committed to it. You can tell almost immediately that the local team is not one of those organizations that seems to focus on raising money with little of it seeming to go towards the actual program. The local team asks for very little money from volunteers and what it does ask for is only to cover your living costs and the few classroom materials used to teach the children. Every member is exceedingly kind and committed, spending hours each day preparing and carrying out activities with the children, or planning new classes and events for them. Overall this was a wonderful organization who put everything they have into their work.