“I love LV!”

General Impression

Overall Rating:    10 / 10

As a teacher with great passion for teaching and a huge love for kids, I thought going to South Africa and assisting in an education program was going to be like working at home in Nigeria. But, I was in for a surprise!

The beautiful city of Cape Town, the lovely kids and the welcoming staff of Chapel Street Primary stole my heart!

My time as an assisting teacher in South Africa was like that of a celebrity - with kids hugging, kissing and playing around me all of the time. I felt loved and truly appreciated. I had lots of time getting to know the kids of grade r-4, and during school intervals (break-time), the kids and I would talk about life. I was asked several times if I could stay in South Africa forever.

My experience as an assisting teacher on this project made an incredible impact in my career as a teacher, it really improved my teaching knowledge and skills, and I find myself using such skills back home already.

The social life in Cape Town is superb. From going to the beach, hiking mountains, going on tours, seeing the penguins, eating at exotic places...oh my!
I enjoyed my time in South Africa and do hope to visit again. Next time I will be staying longer and doing "skydiving" and "the bungee jump".
Thanks for the opportunity to help, gain knowledge and enjoy life. I love LV!