“Thank you so much Love Volunteers!”

General Impression

Overall Rating:    10 / 10

When I was searching for a organization that would help me enjoy my volunteer experience in South Africa, I knew that Love Volunteers would be the right organization for me. Not only was I was very pleased with the education and childcare program that I was placed in, I was so surprised at how quickly Love Volunteers responded to me with whenever I had numerous questions or any worry about traveling to a new country. It was my first time in South Africa, and I wanted to make my time there worthwhile. Being in South Africa for a month and a half, I was able to enrich myself in the culture while also being able to spend time with some of the most amazing international volunteers who I now call best friends. As a volunteer, I was pleased to call myself an English teacher at a primary school that was very convenient from where I lived in Cape Town. It was very convenient to get to, and I was awoken every morning by the amount of excitement and joy from the students who truly appreciated my time helping them. Whether it was assisting them with math/English homework, helping them color a drawing, or just talking to them, they were happy that I was there.

My other program was at a childcare center/ creche, which was only a ten minute walk from where I lived. I was always enthused to be working with such highly spirited teachers and students. Some of the children's parents were predominantly low income earners, where they and their children would commute from various townships and urban areas to come to school. I was aware of the poverty level in Africa, but being able to interact one on one with these students at the childcare center and the primary school was an eye opening experience. It not only made me thankful and grateful for what I have, but it made me realize that volunteers are very much needed around the world. Stephen Colbert said, "You will truly serve only what you love because service is love made visible." I can only understand now what he means.

Thank you so much Love Volunteers for everything! I will be volunteering from your organization again soon :)