“My time in Uganda was incredible!”

General Impression

Overall Rating:    10 / 10

I had an amazing 4 weeks volunteering at the health center in Ngora, Uganda. My time in Uganda was incredible and I was able to gain a lot of experience in caring for patients. Even though before my trip I was not sure if I could be a lot of help since I am a nursing student, I was able to do many things in the hospital on my own. The staff was also very friendly and welcoming and always willing to teach me something new. They always considered which areas I was most interested working in and I was always assigned tasks I felt comfortable doing. The highlights of my work in the health center were delivering babies and to participate in immunization outreaches. I enjoyed traveling to small villages near Ngora and providing immunizations in areas where people otherwise would not be able to receive them. It was amazing to see how much the staff at the hospital can do to help patients, even though they only have very basic equipment.

In my free time I played a lot with my neighbour‘s children. We climbed rocks, sang songs and danced together. It was amazing to see their smiles and happiness. I was also invited to their homes for tea and dinner and hence was able to get insight into Ugandan culture. Ugandans are very hospitable and very interested in showing me their everyday live.

It was the best decision of my live to spend those 4 weeks in Uganda and I would definitely recommend it for everyone who is interested in healthcare and a different culture.