“An absolutely amazing experience!”

General Impression

Overall Rating:    10 / 10

My time spent volunteering in Jaipur, India was an absolutely amazing experience. The first few days at the orphanage were a bit emotionally draining; however, the volunteers already working there were very helpful and served as my role models. In the mornings I assisted the staff members in bathing and dressing the children. The language barrier was definitely frustrating at first, but it was easy to find ways to connect with the children. Providing them with love and affection was enough to make them smile. The lack of resources at the orphanage was shocking. The children did not have many toys and were often restricted to stay in one room. One day a volunteer brought in coloring books, which was quite fun for the children. After seeing the standards in India, I am curious to see the conditions of the orphanages in my country.

Throughout my stay I lived in a volunteer house. I really enjoyed this aspect of my experience. I met wonderful and kind people from all over the world. I already have future travel plans with some of them! I’m glad I chose the Summer Volunteer and Travel Program. The last week of travel was well-organized and I was able to see other parts of India. My favorite part of the week was our stay in the Himalayas. It was great to be away from the noisy cities and hike through such a beautiful scenery.

I was very happy with the support Love Volunteers provided before and throughout the project. I would certainly recommend this program as it has provided me with such a rewarding experience. I've learned so much and cannot wait to go back someday. Thank you Love Volunteers!