“Everybody has to try this!”

General Impression

Overall Rating:    10 / 10

Uganda is a wonderful country with lovely people. I was in East-Africa before, so I hoped I will like Uganda also very much... and I wasn't wrong. To spend 6 weeks there, was like heaven. The country is developing, but we could learn very much about relationships among people. They are so friendly and so grateful, which I have never experienced before. Love Volunteers contact persons (Bazil and Alice) are amazing, their children are adorable... Man can be jealous about their life...

Medical program is not the happiest experience, because you can meet with many sick children and adults, but it was very amazing feeling, that I could help to them, and they were so grateful. My collages at the hospital were amazing. They were so friendly and kind, and they helped me very much... after a few weeks I felt like I am the member of the hospital's staff. Treating patients and casualties is so different there, than in Europe. I can not tell all my feelings, everybody has to try this, and after this experience everybody will change. I would make this type of trip obligatory for medical or nurse students. You can be a real "healer" in Uganda. Only your medical knowledge and heart are needed there, nothing more.

I can not say enough good things about Uganda... Never-to-be-forgotten incredible memories!!