“Immerse into the culture. ”

General Impression

Overall Rating:    10 / 10

The organization has an incredible network and is in a unique position to really affect positive support of the Nepali people. As the founder is local to the area that we served, it is eveident that his understanding of the gaps that need to be filled in the local communities is spot on. The connectedness of the organization to provide us resources when asked was also stellar.


A beatuiful people and country that is facing the challenges of domestication. As technology and gloabl influences pressure the Nelpali people to comply, the knowledge lost from the elders is being made evident in the cultural gap families are feeling between those with and those without formal education. The direct affect of plastics on the Nepali society is eveident throughout the country. Part of our project focus was to address a practical way of minimizing that impact on a very local level.

Project & Staff

The local groups in the Village we were in are amazing. I can only say that anyone fortunate enough to be located in the same village as we were, will have the advantage of Nepali people that embrace the efforts that the organization is bringing to them.


Emerse into the culture. Being of service begins with listening and being part of, rather thank bringing outside programs and just trying to do cookie cutter implementation. Subtle changes are best...and knowing that just being willing to listen to the needs of the people is the first step in helping to create a positive impact as a guest in their world. Also, Nepali time is very indigenous.In other words, be patient with yourself in allowing things to flow in the region you are working in....our urgency to create change is not always in alignment with the flow of the day for the people we are working with.....we are there to help, not "fix".......Namaste!