“a privilege to work with them”

General Impression

Overall Rating:    8 / 10

I am learning more and more each time I go. Kenyans are a wonderful people and it was a priviledge to get to know them better. Marta, Izzo and all the helpers were so kind and wonderful to me.


The country of Kenya left so many impressions on me - there is so much beauty and kindness but of course, like anywhere, there is so much that can be improved. I am amazed at how resilient the people are when living under such stark circumstances.

Project & Staff

The projects that I worked with - Hope Center and the Rehabilitation School for Girls are worthy projects and provided me a wonderful opportunity to interact. Marta, Izzo and their staff and also Grace at the Hope Center are very dedicated and helpful. Each going above and beyond to provide what ever I needed. It was a privilege to work with them.


Be sure to bring your own towel, washcloth and soap. Bring lots of small bills in Kenyan shillings. Leave your judgements behind.