“Kenyan culture was such a thrill!”

General Impression

Overall Rating:    10 / 10

One of the most exciting things about volunteering in another country is the cultural exchange that occurs every moment you are abroad. Being in Kenya, I was living with a wonderful host family for 3 weeks, and I was welcomed into their home and their daily routine (not to mention the overload of delicious African food... I don't think I felt hungry once). Even when I was teaching at Merma Private School, the kids were sharing their culture and teaching me just as much as I was teaching them. I forgot that this even could be considered work!

Kenyan culture was such a thrill for me, and I am so thankful I was able to experience it even for a short while. Also, the children that I met were so enthusiastic, so eager to learn; they were jumping out of their seats to answer questions and were beaming with pride when they answered correctly. Teaching was so rewarding in that they know how valuable education is where they live. Even when they were told they were going to have winter break, most kids whined and insisted that they come into school anyway! That is something I hardly see in my country, thus I came home with a completely different perspective on my life here. Through all their hardships and profound financial struggles, no child ever failed to wear a smile on their face. They could find fun in anything. I hope they understand how much I was able to learn from them, and that they provided a truly life changing experience for me.