“One of the most valuable times in my life!”

General Impression

Overall Rating:    10 / 10

The volunteering experience was definitely one of the most valuable times in my life! South Africa with its beauty and freshness brings also underdevelopment and unbelievable social stratification. Being able to bring smile to one of underprivileged children was so rewarding.

However I understood that I will not change the world but definitely I see my experience as a contribution to the long way towards a big shift in the world. Each of the volunteers who is coming to any of the developing countries is just like a small drop of water.. but we have to remember that many drops of water are forming an ocean... and so we do! It is so important that there are people with good heart who are managing those programs and who are being part of this big change... I am grateful to the team in South Africa and Love Volunteers for organizing everything and for being a big part of making a world better place, for bringing this opportunity to me and to those children who are seeking attention and help.

I loved the whole atmosphere at the volunteer house and support from the coordinators at all times. All people I have met were full of love and understanding, the school staff was helpful and despite cultural differences we managed to find a common language and work together. The most important tip I could give to the future volunteer in Cape Town would be: keep your mind open to all what you see and what you hear, observe and learn and most importantly remember that different does not matter worse. Sometimes at school you may see different approach towards teaching but that is the way it works there and we are just there to support.

Again many thanks to Love Volunteers. Keep doing good work!