“Working with this org was a pleasure!”

General Impression

Overall Rating:    7 / 10

Working with this org was a pleasure. My decision to go overseas to volunteer was made very last minute but I was still thoroughly accommodated. Every inquiry was answered promptly, I felt like I was working within a small organisation dedicated to making a difference rather than a large corporation concerned with bringing in money.


I love this country. I am so thankful I've had the chance to return. I've now had the experience of living in a higher class environment (Obs) and a less privileged place (Mitchell's Plain/2013).

Project & Staff

Great staff at the clinic. Having advanced training allows you to move through the clinic easily and have access to more information. Docs are awesome to shadow, one helped me obtain a brief internship with a company in my own field (paramedicine) on my off days from the clinic. Only issue was a tendency of volunteers to become accustomed to working in only one area of the clinic, which prevents others from experiencing that aspect. 2 weeks was the perfect length of time for myself, as I'm already licenced and working in my home country. With the licencing restraints I feel I may have become bored


With the medical program, do not come with an expectation of the healthcare system. In some ways it is completely westernized, in others it will be completely unique. You cannot participate in this project if you are unwilling or unable to be in close contact with people of all walks of life and with all types of medical needs.