“I have always felt safe in this country ”

General Impression

Overall Rating:    9 / 10

This was my third placement at this school and its always a pleasure to return to the smiling familiar faces, noisy classrooms and list of work.
The children, though originating from poorer families, are keen to learn and take great pride in their school and are also very proud to wear their uniform.
Its evident the eduction they are receiving from this privately/volunteer run school, is equal or above that of nearby govt or very expensive private schools.


Nepal is very much a poor nation and still many buildings under repair from the earthquake 3 years ago, though there is a lot of new development evident. Unfortunately air and ground pollution is still a major problem in Kathmandu and this often hides much of the amazing mountain views and also affects the health of most foreigners. However the people are alway smiling and getting on with the hectic busy day to day life, though many don't have jobs. I have always felt safe in this country and have never had any bad experiences with any locals, or others, day or night. When the sky is clear you will be rewarded with amazing views of snow capped mountains from the school playground.

Project & Staff

After a meeting with the principal, a list of projects, big and small, was put together. Throughout the 3 weeks i completed some alone and others using local contractors. These included additional steps on the stairway to the playground started last year, filling in the playground holes left by the govt excavators, extending the playground fence and some electrical and plumbing repairs. I also repainted the passage way walls between classrooms and received some help from other volunteers.


Be prepared for a third world country experience but also open minded to the adversity and challenges the Nepalese face every day.
Electricity, hot water, gas cooking and mobile reception are all optional extras in this country and though generally now most are ok, there will be times you are without some or all. Only drink water from sealed shop bought bottles (only 20 NPR) and try to wear a facial mask when out in the streets. Do expect to be unwell in some way during your stay, most commonly stomach upsets and chest infections. Treatment is readily available at any local pharmacy (and very cheap), though you should take own medication if you feel uncomfortable buying abroad. Sometimes you may feel frustrated and emotionally drained but one more look at the smiling faces around will bring you back to reality fast. This country and its people are both beautiful and friendly, you will never regret your experience in Nepal and i'm sure you will want to return.