“I had a fabulous time in Cape Town!”

General Impression

Overall Rating:    10 / 10

I had a fabulous time in Cape Town. The childcare center conditions surpassed my expectations of what an education center here in South Africa would look like. I think I had a misconception about that and the homes the children came from. They all brought snacks and juice with them to school and where funny and intelligent.
I was surprised how close the supermarket was from the Observatory Hostel.
The hostel was super fun to live in. My volunteer project was really flexible about taking time off to sight see, while also giving me a lot of responsibility, which I enjoyed.
Overall, my time has been wonderful! Thanks for an awesome experience!!


1- If you are volunteering over the winter months, I would take a sleeping bag for extra warmth at night.

2-Uber has been my life saver and has made it so easy to get around. The volunteers who had it already downloaded on their phone had a much easier time to get around from the start, once we bought a SIM card.