“The most life changing experience I have ever had!”

General Impression

Overall Rating:    10 / 10

My volunteer experience continued in the north of Cambodia, this time I was volunteering in Siem Reap teaching English. My time volunteering was the most life changing experience I have ever had. I learned so much from the kids and teachers and I felt like I was able to actually affect a positive change in their lives as well. I taught my class about body parts, adjectives and verbs, we learnt about singular, plural and negative form, months, and days of the week. The school have 4 classrooms so the levels are quite different. I also help with the construction of a new school and library, the school is growing up, and maybe right now more kids are able to go to there.

I am already planning on going back. It made such an incredible impact on my life that I knew one month wasn't going to be enough, I needed to go back.

Thank you to the NGO of Love Volunteers for giving me this opportunity, I know this is the beginning of an entire life of volunteering.