“Volunteers are fully appreciated for their help”

General Impression

Overall Rating:    10 / 10

A real insight into the $2 a day basic living of the rural Zambians, who are hugely appreciative of the volunteers’ help building mud huts for orphaned children and helping in the community school.


Zambians are very friendly in the rural village and are always waving and saying hello. The population of 8,000 in Mwandi are entirely local so any International volunteers will typically always be easy to spot and are fully appreciated for their help. English is fine for communication and is the main language, to help everyone understand each other given there are 73 languages in the country.

Project & Staff

Paula and Matt are the cornerstones of the project. They make a strong team to ensure the mud hut building runs seamlessly. There is another team of 6 staff in the compound who all help out with various duties to help out.


Bring old work clothes and shoes / sneakers that you don’t mind throwing away. It helps if you are reasonably fit and/or strong for the mud work although we had an 85 year old join us for the day and she was amazing! Sun cream, hat, patience, good attitude and open kindness all help you. Cash dollars are popular.