“A life-changing experience!”

General Impression

Overall Rating:    10 / 10

I first went to the Mwandi project in 2010 and it truly was a life-changing experience. I learnt so much, not only how to build a mud hut and how other people live but also what is really important. Now I understand the universal needs for home, food and family and realize that much of what we in the West stress about is really irrelevant. I am a much happier person now.

I have been back to volunteer four times now and always look forward to going back. The project is so worthwhile – at the end of each stay I have been able to see the family I have helped move into their new home and start to lead a more comfortable life.

Paula, who runs the project, is an inspiration and I only wish that everyone had the opportunity of spending time in Mwandi with her knowing that for everyone it would be a life-enhancing experience.

And how cool is it to be able to build mud huts!