“I had an amazing experience in Costa Rica! ”

General Impression

Overall Rating:    9 / 10

I had an amazing experience in Costa Rica! It was very refreshing to learn about a new culture and meet a lot of beautiful people. My host family was very generous and welcoming. A piece of my heart has stayed in San Ramon and I hope to return in the future.


The country is beautiful and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to live to the phrase Pura Vida! that was clearly expressed and lived by. Costa Rica has amazing food and the people are very outgoing. I enjoyed traveling to Jaco for a weekend and returning to San Ramon that eventually felt like home by the end of my stay.

Project & Staff

The staff were super sweet and loving. They made me feel comfortable at work and they taught me a lot about the country and the workplace! They checked in on me and were always willing to help me if I needed anything. Tanya, my coordinator, was very punctual and informative. She was polite and always willing to run the extra mile for nay volunteer who needed assistance. She did a good job at uniting all volunteers and creating a safe place for everyone.


Being a volunteer is about adapting to live in the given country to choose with no expectations and be thankful at all times. It is more about the memories you make than how much you work. Pure Vida!