“Meaningful and worthwhile!”

General Impression

Overall Rating:    10 / 10

I spent three weeks volunteering at the animal rescue centre situated in Tirana which cares for around 300 stray, mistreated and abandoned animals. During my time there, I saw the amount of time and effort put into maintaining the centre by Maria (who runs the centre) and the few other regular workers. My job was mainly to help out in whatever way was necessary which included feeding the cats and a group of the dogs as well as doing a fair bit of cleaning. It is clear that the centre relies heavily on volunteers as it does not receive funding from many sources and the time volunteers give to the centre is truly invaluable. At the centre, they are also hoping to start renovations on the outside enclosures to ensure a better environment for the animals. Albania is a country with many stray animals, which is clear as soon as you arrive there, and this made volunteering at the rescue centre in Tirana so much more meaningful and worthwhile, in my opinion, as it is clear the good it does for the animals that have been taken in.