“I really loved it!”

General Impression

Overall Rating:    10 / 10

I would have to say that I really loved it, and I got a different experience than if I was Just a tourist. Really loved to participate in a dog shelter, and I got a lot of hands on time that I appreciate.


A goodlooking country with a lot of hidden beautyspots. after talking to people living there I started to get this feeling of how a bad government can have impact on the dailylife. people may strugle in their life, but I also got this feeling that the albanian were very velcoming and nice to talk to.

Project & Staff

Allround I felt the project gave me a lot of sparetime, but I really liked it because I then got the opportunity to do a lot of My own wishes. I also got to join whatever Job that should be done, so I felt that I could take part i everything. Only one of the staff could speak good english and I met this language barrier, but They were very helpful to guide me through it. So to summarize My experience I would have to say that everything was lovely, and I got so much to remember of after this 2 weeks.


I would recommend to use every bit of sparetime to do what u really want, like for example play with the dogs and cats. Because All this dogs, cats and the others animals needs bucket after bucket of love, so give them your time and the will pay you back ten times. Be prepared for this language barrier that you have to encounter by learning som basic words, but dont be scared of this being a problem cause these people want you All good. No animals I have ever met, would appriciat a hug more than these dogs.