“Thank you so much for the wonderful experience!”

General Impression

Overall Rating:    10 / 10

Thank you so much for the wonderful experience! The host family I stayed with really made a difference, and made the experience incredible. They called me "hija" (daughter) and included me in everything they did making me feel as if I had always been a part of their family.

The hospital volunteering was more for observing considering I'm still a student. The first week was quite boring in pediatric ER because most kids just needed antibiotic treatments. (I guess we could also say I found out I'm not one for working in peds) Luckily the other volunteer I was with had asked to go observe in the surgery room. This allowed me to see so many procedures I could never be allowed to see in the US, including an amputation, a thyroid removal, bone surgeries, and C sections. The last week I asked if I could see a live birth, and switched into labor and delivery. This is how I figured out that hopefully, one day, I could be working as a nurse in this department. All the doctors and nurses I observed were all so open to teaching me about what I was seeing. They often would tell me to come closer and proceeded to explain exactly what was going on. The people there were so approachable and patient (especially with the spanish), allowing me to gain so much more knowledge from this experience.

The partner organization did make sure I was always safe. Whether I was at home with the family, at the hospital, or at school learning spanish, I never found myself alone. My spanish skills improved greatly, making every week easier. I honestly recommend this to anyone who wishes to go into the medical field. (one tip is to make sure you ASK for anything you wish to see!)