“Our stay has been fabulous!”

General Impression

Overall Rating:    10 / 10

Our Spanish teacher Danny has been phenomenal these past two weeks. We've picked up a ton of Spanish and gone through a bunch of the theory but it´s going to take a lot of practice to get anywhere close to conversationally competent. That said, this has given both Ranon and I a strong introduction to the language.

Our time volunteering in the hospital has been basically like diving into the deep end of the pool without knowing how to swim. We´ve learned a bunch and been exposed to a couple of minor outpatient procedures. Although the experience has been very interesting there were certainly many times when we just felt in the way. However, now that I know my way around the clinic and the staff are more familiar with us we have been shadowing some of the doctors on site which again has exposed us to a number of tropical infections and birth defects we otherwise would be more unlikely to see in Canada. Interacting with real patients, especially with the challenges of the language barrier (we do have a translator with us to help) is proving to be unbelievably educational. Becoming comfortable with patient’s is huge, and often quite challenging for med. students and this exposure will serve us well as we move forward. It’s also great to apply some of the theory we’ve picked up this past semester.

Final, our house stay has been fabulous. They´ve taken us in as family and I have no idea how to thank them or even express my gratitude since my Spanish still really isn´t up to par. On top of that the local team have been more than generous, accommodating and helpful during our stay here.

All and all, it´s been a great albeit quick, two weeks here in La Ceiba.