“Everything is amazing here!”

General Impression

Overall Rating:    10 / 10

Everything is amazing here! The people you meet are fantastic! Ecuador is a great place to visit. We recommend staying for longer so that you have more time to travel and visit all that Ecuador has to offer in conjunction with your volunteer work. Our teacher at the Spanish school was great and made learning during the summer very fun and easy, even though we only had two weeks! Great place to be!

We were picked up promptly from the airport, didn't have to wait, the host family and the other volunteers were very pleasant and inviting. The Spanish lessons were very good, we're happy that we know a little bit of Spanish now! The volunteer work kept us busy, which is always great! I think the people at the project appreciated our time there. They always seemed happy to see us come in on the mornings and they always thanked us before we left. Everyone at the volunteer house was so nice, and willing to make bonds and talk to you. It was like coming into a new family. The best aspect of the volunteer work was the fact that we were able to meet so many new people and get a new taste of how kids interact.