“The community received our group with open arms ”

General Impression

Overall Rating:    8 / 10

Overall, this experience was phenomenal. Nicole, our LV representative, did an amazing job of helping us plan everything from start to finish, She was a great liaison between LV and the local partner in Ecuador. With the time change & language barrier, there were a few moments when the communication barrier was difficult, but overall it was very quick & beneficial.


Ecuador is an amazing country! The community received us with open arms and we will forever be grateful for that! So thankful we were able to explore Ecuador on our free time, after the Medical Campaign.

Project & Staff

Everyone was very helpful in every way possible! The bus driver (Camilo), the Hotel representative (Miguel), the local representatives (German and Monica), the Bastet Clinic directors, and Nicole (our LV rep) all played an instrumental role throughout our journey!


General tips & ways to improve:

- I wish we would've had a better idea of what the actual clinic portion of the trip would've been like. There were times where our group felt very overwhelmed and unorganized. For instance, although we brought over medical equipment, we lacked a few supplies (weight scale, height tape measurement, pulse ox, tongue depressors, etc.). We were able to improvise while in Ecuador, but this could've been prevented with a bit more planning beforehand.
- Tips for other volunteers: Keep track of the information you receive via email on a document
- If you are bringing donations internationally, check on the rules & regulations. Oftentimes, forms need to be filled out WAY in advance. This will save you from unnecessary stress when organizing the donations to bring over.