“I spent a wonderful month”

General Impression

Overall Rating:    10 / 10

I spent a wonderful month in Jaipur volunteering in a school that has been set up for children who live on the street. The children are great, full of energy and happiness and you would never know from their attitudes that they have so little. The school runs from 10am til 1pm, 5 days per week. Volunteers are distributed among the three classrooms and are responsible for planning and conducting lessons to teach English and Math. Volunteer numbers fluctuate from week to week and there are times when I was the only teacher in the classroom. The teaching is very challenging as language is a big barrier, and the learning moves slowly. But the kids are very bright and on the whole well behaved. There is plenty of time to explore the many sights of Jaipur in the afternoons and go further afield in the weekends. The volunteer accommodation is adequate, and considering you are in India it is very nice. It is clean and safe and a fun, social place.

One of my highlights from the street school in India was taking a girl aside and teaching her how to subtract. She was far behind the rest of the class & got so excited about finally understanding that she kept asking for equations all through playtime!