“I had an amazing experience!”

General Impression

Overall Rating:    10 / 10

I had an amazing experience in Ngora, a town in the Teso region of Uganda. I chose Love Volunteers because of the flexibility on travel times, and I could not have made a better decision. I chose Uganda as a destination because it was relatively inexpensive compared to other places. The team at LV answered my questions in a timely manner. From getting to the airport to leaving the country at the end of my placement, Love Volunteers, made sure my needs were met.

Ngora is five hours away from the capital depending on traffic, so you can choose to be placed nearby in Lugazi for the medical program. However, I would strongly encourage anyone to volunteer at one of the placement options in Ngora. The language spoken in this region is different from “Luganda” but you can’t go wrong by saying “Yo ga” (hello). I spent two weeks in the clinic, and I learned a lot from the staff. It wasn’t just work for me though; I had an amazing time making new friends, and hanging out with Margaret and her family. I was given a hen at the end of my stay as a token of appreciation. Of course, I left it there, so I have to go back one day to see “Annette Blue” and her future chicks!!! I also look forward to visiting other destinations that LV has to offer.

An little advice I would like to give to someone considering a medical trip there or anywhere else is to raise monetary donations if possible as opposed to material supplies. Finally, it is always good to be open-minded when visiting new places, and embrace cultural & social differences. You can visit my blog at http://slori001.tumblr.com to read more about my experience.