“a great fit for what I was hoping to do”

General Impression

Overall Rating:    8 / 10

This trip was easily one of the best experiences of my life, teaching me far more than I would've thought possible in such a short amount of time. I was able to learn more about a culture that has always fascinated me, get to know some amazing people, and experience loads of personal growth. One of the sweetest memories of the week was on my last day, when a student (probably around 11 years old) tearfully begged me to come back, saying they would pay for my plane ticket if that's what it took. It was touching to see that even in a week I was able to build a strong enough connection with those students and teachers. If I had time and a little bit more money I would go back in a heart beat.


I absolutely loved Turkey, and would return again without hesitation. Istanbul was a beautiful city rich in history, with foods that were to die for. Locals were friendly and welcoming, and I was able to find help whenever I needed it. I wish I had had more time in the country to truly experience the Turkish culture, as well as to form even stronger friendships with the many amazing people I met. Experiencing such a historical, amazing city through the slightly more real version of a volunteer English teacher really helped me appreciate not just the historical sights but also the day to day bits of the city that are usually less known to tourist's eyes.

Project & Staff

While the staff were all super nice and friendly, the trip was much less structured I expected. I was completely in charge of my own transportation and navigation, which at first was a bit of a shock, but turned the trip into an even more enjoyable adventure than I had imagined. The school was very welcoming, and a great fit for what I was hoping to do.