“The place we stayed was basic but ON the beach”

General Impression

Overall Rating:    8 / 10

The place in Parrita was very basic and we didn't see many turtles, but the coordinator, Alvaro, was wonderful. He made the whole trip worth it.


People were nice.
Landscapes are amazing. lots of flowers and animals.
Very relaxing.

Project & Staff

The best of the whole project was Alvaro. He was always with my daughter and I giving 100% of his time and energy. Even in his free time, he will be showing us things and taking us to places. Super nice. Very knowledge too. And he will cook all the meals. So amazing.
The place we stayed was basic but ON the beach. So wonderful. All my stress went away in 30 minutes.


There is nothing to do there except to help, work and relax. no restaurants, clubs, etc.... It is lonely and you may don't see any turtles depending on the time of year you go. You really have to go with a lay back mentality and enjoy the people and the place.
In the first stop in San Jose, expect very little food. my first breakfast was literally a small piece of pineapple (not a ring) and a glass a water. That is it. All the other volunteers were faster than me because everybody is so hungry I guess. And is in the middle of nowhere. Just a small grocery store, no restaurant and no much to do/ go. And you can see a bit of a lack of organization in some stuff. For example I have to play our bus tickets to the destinations, even if that is supposed to be included. I don't care too much about the money, but it bothers me.