“What other way is there to travel?”

General Impression

Overall Rating:    10 / 10

Going overseas with Love Volunteers was a life-changing experience. I will never travel any other way for the rest of my life. I will most likely always travel through Love Volunteers from now on because it was so symbiotic. I got to experience the world, while locals got to receive my help for free. What other way is there to travel? I will never travel as a tourist again and will always go to offer volunteer services.


Tanzania was an amazing country to explore and experience. The people are kind and welcoming to all walks of life. When I visited the Masai tribe, I asked them if I looked Masai after they dressed me up in their robes and jewelry. They said, because you are with Masai, you are Masai. I did not have to be born in the village, of the same skin color, or speak the same language. Because I was there, I was a part of them. This was the most welcoming experience and it was a sense of welcoming I had never felt anywhere else in the world. Anyone who comes to this country will find the same open arms and kindness as I did.

Project & Staff

In Tanzania, I worked at the Pipi House Foundation, which is a homeless shelter for women who come from the streets because they do not have a family to go to for help. Viva Tanzania was the volunteer group that connected us with the Pipi House Foundation. Both entities were great to work with. The Pipe House Foundation was challenging due to the nature of the environment, but the women we worked with daily were kind, open-hearted, and optimistic for positive changes in their life. This was greatly rewarding to work with such willing women. Viva Tanzania also sat down with me during the volunteer work and I was able to inform them of things that could be implemented to make working at the Pipi House Foundation a little less challenging. Viva Tanzania took our comments and concerns seriously and provided us with guidance and they took not to our concerns for future volunteers. This was amazing teamwork we established and I have never experienced such willingness to listen to feedback before. Viva Tanzania was great to work with and I would go back to this volunteer group again.


Be open! You are going to a country and culture that is not your own so there will be differences. Embrace the difference. Don't try to rationalize the difference. You are going to Tanzania to experience these new things so don't go against the current. Go with the flow and you will find yourself comfortable in the culture because people in Tanzania are kind. If you need help, just ask for help, and people will help you. Take the time to decompress and relax as you experience new changes. This will help you process new things, especially if this is your first time overseas. Ask for help. Don't hold back.