“Beautiful place”

General Impression

Overall Rating:    6 / 10

I was very impressed with Love Volunteers from the outset as they were really helpful and informative and answered all my questions. I dealt with someone called Nicole throughout. Was met by local Impact rep (Klara) on arrival in Split as planned and Klara was also extremely helpful and very welcoming. Klara was on hand to answer any questions we had any time of day. Klara also gave details of things to do. The hostel was good and the meals at Dir were excellent. The animal shelter was ok, but disorganised and didn't seem to want volunteers nor know what to do with them. Spent a lot of time doing nothing. It seemed like they really just wanted our volunteering money and not our help there. We had to be persistent in asking for things to do. We paid a lot of money to do very little in reality. [Thanks for this feedback, Peter. We are working with the shelter to ensure volunteers are fully utilised going forward.]


Lovely country and will definitely return to Croatia - Split was clean, picturesque, cheap and felt safe. Beautiful place.

Project & Staff

Nicole from Love Volunteers was excellent. Klara the local Impact rep was also excellent. The project itself at the animal shelter was underwhelming though. They know volunteers are coming so it shouldn't be too difficult to get a plan in place for the volunteers to do things. There's over 100 dogs there that need human interaction, exercise, grooming, walking, etc, so I don't see why they don't make use of volunteers to do that. It just seems like volunteers there are in the way! [Such a shame! Your feedback has ensured that improvements are made for future volunteers - thank-you!]


Be proactive and ask for things to do at the animal shelter. Don't arrive before 11am as the staff are too busy before then. Wear clothes you are happy to get dirty!