“The people are absolutely amazing.”

General Impression

Overall Rating:    8 / 10

At first it was pretty hard to understand what was expected of us, our schedule, to connect with the kids but once we got used to it and understood what the schedule it was amazing. The kids are adorable and the guru and his wife are so nice and welcoming. it was such a rewarding experience to have to met them and have them be apart of my life.


The country is amazing! It's a third world country so the facilities are very basic but all you really need. The people are absolutely amazing. The nicest people I've ever met everyone is welcoming and warm, curious about where you're from, why are you there and very happy and appreciative that you're in their country. Its also completely stunning! The mountains are incredible and I was obsessed with them

Project & Staff

Nicole was great, quick to answer with lots of information. Manoj was quick to answer via the phone but when I first arrived I did find it slightly strange that he came on the bus with me and dropped me off at the monastery but gave me no information at all. It was very hard when I first got there I had no idea what was what and who was who. I think just an introduction to guru and his wife would have been much more helpful.


Don't be discouraged right away, go with the flow, get involved and connected with the monks