“I had a wonderful time”

General Impression

Overall Rating:    10 / 10

It was my first time volunteering abroad and by myself. I have already been involved in several humanitarian projects but this was a brand new experience.
Volunteering in a developing country, 10 000 km from my home teached me a lot of new things. Helping people in need while I am myself losing my bearings in a new environment made me more mature and allowed me to discover myself more. Working with children also teached me to be patient.


South Africa is a beautiful country with amazing landscapes and places to see. Local people were very nice. I was also struck by the inequalities in South Africa and the water shortage situation there at the time.

Project & Staff

I had a wonderful time working with the kids. The local staff was reactive and efficient.


Rent a car if you have a driver's licence. Bring warm clothes during winter. Stay open minded and be patient.