“I truly LOVED this program”

General Impression

Overall Rating:    8 / 10

I truly LOVED this program - the experience of being in another country and slowly becoming a local, the other students I met along the way, my shadowing coordinator, etc. I do want to go on another internship or volunteer experience with LV in the future!


Argentina, especially Buenos Aires, is a great place to go abroad! I definitely want to come back and visit, although preferably in the summer. I loved the people, the culture, the nightlife, etc., with my only complaint being the food (it's a lot of unspiced meat and carbs wherever you go). I think coming to Buenos Aires for an extended amount of time (more than 1 month) is more than necessary, as Argentina is such a vast and diverse country with so much to see and do. A volunteer will never be bored here, whether it's taking a week off to go to Patagonia, a weekend trip to Iguazu, or even a day trip to Colonia.

Project & Staff

I worked by shadowing a doctor in the orthopedics department. I loved the doctor that I shadowed - he was very open to answering questions and showing me procedures, as well as letting me interact with patients, such as with helping apply and remove casts. He additionally let me come to his private consultations outside of Hospital de Clinicas which is actually where I learned the most and was able to help out and interact with patients the most. He is truly an amazing teacher.


I would strongly discourage volunteers from joining the medical program if they do not already have strong Spanish skills, such as from spending time in another Latin American country beforehand. The medical program is fast-paced, especially at a public hospital, where a volunteer cannot always ask for a doctor or staff to translate what is happening.