“I think I really fell in love with this country!”

General Impression

Overall Rating:    9 / 10

It was an amazing experience that I will never forget ! I met incredible people there. I came as a volunteer and I went back to France with much more memories than I expected and new friends from all around the globe. The project was super cool despite of the Covid.


South Africa is awesome and I had the opportunity to discover a new culture and had a better understanding of the apartheid and all that kind of stuff. Even though there is some areas that are quite dangerous, I really enjoyed my trip.

Project & Staff

The staff back there is super cool and very helpful.
The project in the primary school is nice and I felt quite useful, however I think (as a volunteer) that I couldn't help people older than the kids I helped.
I believe the "grade 4" classes are the highest level of education where a volunteer is useful. In higher level, the kids don't really need you and you have less interactions with them. So, try as much as you can to put volunteer between grade R and grade 4 classes.

Why don't I put 10 stars out of 10 then ? Here is the reason why : I had to take a taxi or a Uber to go to my project and it was not written anywhere on the website. It made me spend much more money than I expected and I was pretty early out of my budget.
Now, I advice you to indicate on your website that the volunteers might have to take a taxi to go to their school.


Enjoy !