“everyday is full of joy”

General Impression

Overall Rating:    10 / 10

Had a marvellous experience in Mombasa. It couldn't have been better than it was.


We absolutely loved Kenya. Lovely and welcoming people with very warm hearts and very good at chatting life away.

It seemed to be an extremely safe place for tourists with absolutely no sightings of violence during our two-week stay.
Central Nairobi requires a bit of caution but it even so, we felt safe.

Mombasa has stunning beaches, riding Tuk Tuks is great fun and even the Matatu vans can be interesting, although we didn't like this one as much. Motorbikes carry up until 3 people and no helmets so for me it's a big NO NO.

Everywhere we went people were extremely helpful and friendly but they do try to take some advantage of you and will try very hard to sell you everything they can. They use all their charm to get you going and will push you A LOT towards buying.
All prices can be discussed and you should learn quick how much things should cost so you're not spending more than you should. Tuk Tuk rides for example, would be 50 shillings per person when riding with a local and could be up to 150 or even 200 each when we were not accompanied by a local. Knowing this, we never accepted to pay those prices and eventually they would lower the price to a more acceptable (still higher) price.

Food is absolutely fabulous and if you're not fussy about it, you will enjoy a lot of different tastes.

Although both Nairobi and Mombasa are very big and getting around can be quite challenging, there's loads of stunning places to visit. We went on a Safari at Tsavo East and that was absolutely fabulous.

Project & Staff

The project was amazing, being with the kids at St. Barnabas Children Center was a blessing and we had the most beautiful time with them. They are extremely loving and everyday is full of joy. They sing, they dance and they are very caring. They will make every day spent with them a marvellous experience and will touch your heart deeply.
The school staff is also great and they will assist you with whatever you need.

The house where we stayed was great, clean and rather comfortable. We had a lovely time with Pendo, John and Edu, we ate some fabulous dinners and great breakfasts too.


Don't hesitate to go to Kenya if you are considering a volunteering opportunity there. It's a fabulous country and the people are amazing.