“the community I worked with was like a family to me . ”

General Impression

Overall Rating:    10 / 10

Volunteering with love volunteers has been a pleasure , they supported me from the beginning to the end .
I truly enjoyed my week in Brazil with you guys and I so regrets not doing more than a week because the community I worked with was like a family to me .
Evie , the coordinator was the nicest person ever and everybody’s disponibility I truly felt like home , I felt like a family because that’s what they made us feel like .
Volunteering in the daycentre community was truly awesome , kids were so sweet and I learnt so much about not taking things for granted .
I also came during the worst period , a lorry strike but still they have managed to make me do what I would like and it truly was a remarkable experience .
I can’t wait to go back and see the community’s centre all built and see how the children have growen up and how my new family is doing of course ! I am definitely planning on volunteering end of summer again with you guys but this time I am so intrigued to try Mexico or Bolivia !!


Brasil is an amazing country , truly full of breathtaking spots and friendly people .
The beaches are beautiful , the Christ redeemer and the other attractions are just amazing .
Of course there is poverty but that’s in every country , but it’s good to learn from Brasil that you can be happy with less when coming in contact with poverty . I love Brasilian food , so much that I packed my suitcase with it and got 3 lifers Fanta Guarana .
The favela are nothing like the news describe it . Yes there is violence , yes you can see traffickers with guns but you’ve also need to listen their side too of the story .
Favelas are colourful , United as a family and to me beautiful. I find beauty in them . And it is also safe under certain aspects . Nobody will steal from you because that’s part of the 3 rules the gangs have or hurt women or children .
The deaths heard on the news are straight bullets aimed to police or other traffickers nobody will go shoot on a crowd .
I found the favela safe and friendly . Amazing !!!!!

Project & Staff

The staff was awesome truly , I got so much helped and much more I asked for !!
Their problem solving is really good and they are so friendly feeling more like a huge family .
I truly loved going non favela tours with them, having luch , having barbecues with the locals , and just everything . They are 100 % supportive


To everybody who is going to volunteer in Brasil I can say you will love it and will be changed as a person in better .
Don’t listen to all the news like I did , because there are always two sides of the story and there is so much fake news to mock a country .
Don’t do much research , just go with the flow .
Also not many people speak English so better download google translate and then download the Portuguese language so it will work off line too !
For the rest enjoy your time !!!