“Anyone thinking of volunteering do it!”

General Impression

Overall Rating:    10 / 10

The area of GK 1 is very nice and quiet, not the usual hustle and bustle of Delhi. We have markets across the road and catch an auto rickshaw and the metro to work each day. Both very easy to catch.
I love working in the girl's shelter. The girls are well cared for, very smart, very talented and are very empowered.
I am a teacher in Australia and I can see a huge difference in attitude that these girls have compared to my students. There is nothing they cannot accomplish in life even though their beginnings have not been great.
Each day I do different things with them. Maths, English, Art, Drama, HW, playing badminton. doing public speaking, drawing, reading, learning how to count in different languages or simply just spending time with them.
They call me Lynne Didi which means Big Sister.
Tomorrow we are going to the park with them.
They have met many didis over the years and they love having them there. Our work as volunteers is definitely contributing to the girls' education as they are very worldly. They knew how to count in 5 different languages!
Anyone thinking of volunteering do it. In Australia we have a saying. 'It takes a village to raise a child' Well as a volunteer you are part of the village raising a child.
Even though I will only be with the girls for just under two weeks they have impacted my life as well. I will miss them when I go back home.
I hope to return to see them again very soon.
It is also great staying and working with other foreigners who are expanding my education. We are also doing activities together.
This has been the best experience.