“Our experience was fantastic!”

General Impression

Overall Rating:    10 / 10

Our experience with Love Volunteers and their local team in Rwanda was awesome! My daughter and I helped set up a preschool which was really considered a Junior/Senior kindergarten program for 3-5yr olds in the town/village of Rwamagana. We helped with providing education to both children & teaching staff, handed out much needed supplies & provided health education to both children and their families. We were also able to expand our experience by visiting and helping out with the farming co-op project. I had opportunities in applying my nursing skills to help with some of the children there. We were always accompanied by the very friendly team members and were immersed into the Rwandan culture. The people are so lovely and so friendly which added to our experience. We had several opportunities to enjoy the beautiful countryside of Rwanda. The local coordinators were always available to help us with whatever we needed (ie: phone cards, money exchange, etc...) and were great hosts. Douglas (the local project manager) touched base with us several times during our stay as well. Overall, our experience was fantastic and I look forward to taking my son next time!