“an amazing experience.”

General Impression

Overall Rating:    10 / 10

I was really nervous before the program. However the medical students were really nice, they helped me to get to know who is the professors and who is the resident. They also tried their best to explain what was happening during the surgery. sometimes you can encounter people who can speak amazing English. If you are a pre-med student, do not expect that you will understand everything. It's good to bring Ipad with you so you can search on the terms and the procedures during the surgery. I really recommend people to apply to this program, an amazing experience.


The weather was really hot. The food was amazing because I love Thai food but it was also really spicy. Really nice views because they have a lot of temples so you really get to see the Thai culture.

Project & Staff

The project coordinator was really nice. if you ask her about the place to go, she will always give you a good recommendation. she is really nice and easy to talk to.


- I recommend interns can search the topic the day before the surgery because it is really helpful when the doctors are trying to explain the procedures to you.
- If you are being placed in the operating room, try to eat a big breakfast because you don’t really know when you will have time to eat lunch at the hospital.
- I think it is good to wear a tank top under the scrub because it gets really cold in the operating room. (I think thick socks also worked pretty well to keep you warm)